Guaranteed Issue Medicare Supplement

Medicare Insurance Finders is now offering a GUARANTEED ISSUE Medicare Supplement product that mimics the Plan F Medicare Supplement.  The best part about this plan is that there are no health questions and all pre-existing conditions will be covered immediately on this plan.

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California Medicare Supplements

As we have mentioned in different articles, Medicare is a federally regulated health insurance program, but each state has different laws regarding the ways their Medicare Supplements are administered.  In this article we will be discussing California Medicare Supplements and some of the state’s interesting laws.  The most unique law is the “Birthday Rule”, which states that any Medicare beneficiary that resides in the state of California can choose a Medicare Supplement for 30 days following their birthday with no health questions.  The Medigap plan chosen must have equal to or lesser benefits. In other words they can not go from a basic plan to a Cadillac plan after getting cancer.  Continue reading

Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes

My grandmother called last week asking me to help loo up better rates for her Medicare supplement insurance.  This is a typical tradition that we follow every few years when her Medigap rates have 20% of what they were when we first signed her up for the Medigap policy.  Some times seniors can view this as rate increase island which happens most of the time in attained age Medicare supplement states.  So how do you fight against these rate increases? Continue reading

Tennessee Medicare Supplement

A Tennessee Medicare Supplement has lower rates than most states across the country.   These policies also have state requirements that make Medicare Supplement companies offer lower rates to tobacco users during certain time periods, which we will cover a little further down in the article.  A 65 year old female receiving a Tennessee Medigap Quote could expect a Plan F rate of approximately $100 a month for the most comprehensive coverage offered.  This is very low especially when you see Connecticut rates at around $250 for a 65 year old female.  Continue reading

Medicare Part B – Medical Insurance

Medicare Part B is the medical insurance portion of Medicare.  It covers your doctor visits, outpatient procedures, durable medical equipment, and other things dealing with the “non-hospital” procedures.  Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B make up what is known as Original Medicare.  Original Medicare took effect in 1965 and has been providing seniors with health insurance ever since. Continue reading

Mississippi Medicare Supplements

Mississippi Medicare Supplement Insurance provides those on Medicare with a peace of mind knowing that the gaps in Original Medicare will not leave heaps of medical bills left for them to pay.  Medicare Supplements fill the gaps in original Medicare and allow a policy holder the option to choose any doctor in the country that accepts Medicare.  In other words, they are not constrained to a specific doctor or group of doctors. Continue reading

Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are looking for the best Medicare supplement plans available in your state you have come to the right website.  Medicare Insurance Finders provides you with ways to learn, compare, and save on your Medicare Supplement plan.  You even can see Medigap plan comparisons in your state within 2 minutes of starting your quote.  If you are interested in finding the right Medicare Supplement Plan, lets go ahead and get started. Continue reading

Medicare Supplement Plan G

The Medicare Supplement Plan G is becoming one of the top Medigap plans available.  The only difference between the Plan G Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Supplement Plan F is that the coverage of the Part B Deductible.  The Plan G does not cover this $147 deductible in 2013.  Remember that the Part B deductible is for your Medical services such as doctor, outpatient facility, durable medical equipment, etc. Continue reading

Medigap Plan F

When comparing Medicare Supplements people assume the Medigap Plan F is the best plan because it provides the most comprehensive coverage.   To a lot of people this would qualify a Medicare Supplement Plan F as the king of Medicare Plans.  In this article today Medicare Insurance Finders will provide you with several facts to consider when comparing Medicare Supplements so that you can make the best decision. Continue reading

Medicare Part A – Hospital Insurance

Medicare Part A is the “hospital insurance” portion of Medicare.  Most seniors over the age of 65 will receive this coverage for free if they have worked 40 quarters or ten years in which taxes were paid.  Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B make up Original Medicare which is a common term in the Medicare and You Booklet and the Choosing a Medigap Booklet, both published by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. Continue reading