How to find Mississippi Medigap Insurance

If you are wanting to know how to find the best Mississippi Medigap Insurance we will show you some easy tips that will help guide you through the Medicare maze.  Medigap Insurance in Mississippi has the same basic benefits that every other state has to offer and no insurance companies can stray from this benefit structure in the state of Mississippi.

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MWG Senior Services – Medicare Insurance Finders

Medicare Insurance Finders, a part of MWG Senior Services, was recently recognized in a press release on 11/28/2012.  We wanted to make this available to our followers and those that receive Medicare Supplemental information through our website.

The basics of the article discusses the new Medicare Supplement Quote Engine maintained and run by MWG Senior Services and Medicare Insurance Finders.  This quote engine is available to consumers and insurance agents all across the United States.


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Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement

There is a company by the name of Philadelphia American that has been in the senior market for the past few years that is picking up a lot of the business in the Medicare Supplement arena.  They offer different products but the main product they are offering is the Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement.  This product has extremely low rates across the United  States and is a very attractive product to many seniors looking for supplemental coverage to Medicare.

Philadelphia American also has two sister companies New Era Life Insurance Company and New Era Midwest Insurance Company that are offering Medicare Supplements in states that the Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement is not available. Continue reading