How to find Mississippi Medigap Insurance

If you are wanting to know how to find the best Mississippi Medigap Insurance we will show you some easy tips that will help guide you through the Medicare maze.  Medigap Insurance in Mississippi has the same basic benefits that every other state has to offer and no insurance companies can stray from this benefit structure in the state of Mississippi.

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MWG Senior Services – Medicare Insurance Finders

Medicare Insurance Finders, a part of MWG Senior Services, was recently recognized in a press release on 11/28/2012.  We wanted to make this available to our followers and those that receive Medicare Supplemental information through our website.

The basics of the article discusses the new Medicare Supplement Quote Engine maintained and run by MWG Senior Services and Medicare Insurance Finders.  This quote engine is available to consumers and insurance agents all across the United States.


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Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement

There is a company by the name of Philadelphia American that has been in the senior market for the past few years that is picking up a lot of the business in the Medicare Supplement arena.  They offer different products but the main product they are offering is the Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement.  This product has extremely low rates across the United  States and is a very attractive product to many seniors looking for supplemental coverage to Medicare.

Philadelphia American also has two sister companies New Era Life Insurance Company and New Era Midwest Insurance Company that are offering Medicare Supplements in states that the Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement is not available. Continue reading

Term Life Insurance – Things to Know

Many families consider purchasing term life insurance as protection for their families.  The main income earners of the family usually want to ensure that if anything happens, that those dependent upon their income will not be left in a sinking ship.  The main purpose of a life insurance policy is to cover any unfunded liabilities. Continue reading

Mississippi Medigap Insurance

Medicare Insurance Finders offers Mississippi Medigap Insurance through any of their three offices in Mississippi.  Medicare Insurance Finders is a branch of Morgan-White Group and offers MS Medicare Supplemental Insurance throughout every city in Mississippi.  From Southaven to Gulfport we can help you compare Medicare Supplement insurance.

Mississippi Medigap Insurance

MWG Senior Services helping you with your Medicare Supplement needs.

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American Continental Medicare Supplement Rates

Most Medicare Supplement Companies tend to give rate increases on a policy anniversary.  However, last year we saw something different from one of Aetna’s Medicare Supplement companies.  American Continental Medicare Supplement Rates decreased by 15% throughout a lot of the country.  Once Aetna purchased the insurance company from Genworth they made the decision to be competitive in the Medicare Supplement market.

As you will notice through the online Medigap quotes provided by Medicare Insurance Finders.   American Continental Medicare Supplement Rates are extremely competitive in most states especially for an “A” rated insurance company.  There are some other B+ rated insurance companies that are priced in the same range as the American Continental Medicare Supplement Rates, but we are seeing more and more clients wanting an “A” rated insurance company.

If you are wanting to know a little bit about American Continental and how they handle their Medicare Supplement policies you may want to read on.  However, if you are just looking for Medicare Supplement Rates – Click Here. Continue reading

Compare Medigap Insurance Plans

Are you looking to save money on your health insurance?  Then you need to compare Medigap insurance plans. If you are over 65 and are looking to save over $1,000 a year in insurance premiums, we will recommend the top two savings methods for senior insurance.  The first thing is to compare Medigap insurance plans and the second method for saving over $1,000 per year is to compare Medicare Part D plans. Continue reading

AARP Medicare Supplement

If you are looking for Medigap Insurance, you will want to consider an AARP Medicare Supplement for your supplemental insurance coverage.  AARP Medicare Supplements are very beneficial to consumers in several unique ways.  The most important factor is that they ask very few health questions compared to other Medigap Insurance Companies.  So an individual who has dealt with heart troubles over the last several years and can not qualify for other supplemental insurance can purchase and AARP Medigap policy in most cases. Continue reading

Medigap Insurance – Avoid Rate Increases

Most clients will call our office two years after signing up for a Medicare Supplement plan  asking how they can lower their Medigap Insurance.  We explain there are several ways to maintain lower rate increases.  Sometimes it may be a little hard to understand at first so we wanted to write an article that would help break it down a little further.  We have been in the insurance business for over 25 years and have learned a few ways to lower premiums and try to keep them lower.  This article covers these proven secrets to maintaining lower Medigap Insurance Premiums.  Continue reading

What is Medigap Open Enrollment?

If you are turning 65 soon there are several things you will definately want to know.  The first thing to know is that you will qualify for Medicare if you have worked 40 quarters throughout your life.  Secondly, this is the best time to purchase a Medigap Policy or Medicare Supplement policy.  Medicare refers to the first 6 months after you turn 65 and have Part B as your Medigap Open Enrollment Period.  During this time period no insurance company can ask you any health questions and all pre-existing conditions will be covered 100%. Continue reading