Health Insurance Exchange

The Affordable Care Act is underway with a launch date of the health insurance exchange to be kicked off in October of 2013.  This launch date is not when the actual insurance programs will take place but the Open Enrollment period for a January  2014 start date.

Several questions we have received is will my Medicare Supplement have to be purchased through the exchange?  What is an exchange?  A Health Insurance Exchange is simply a marketplace for individuals to go and purchase insurance.   These exchanges will be operated by each state but they may be operated by the state itself, the federal government, or by partnerships.   Continue reading

Extended Care (Skilled Care) Services of Medicare

Over a million Americans each year are denied access to Extended Care (skilled care) services of Medicare, if they were not classified as “admitted” when they go to the hospital.  We are well aware of the problem, but clients seldom are.  CMS has come down hard on hospitals for “upcoding” to admitted status to receive a higher payment for their services, than they would if they were coded as observational status.

Sometimes we overlook important matters like this, but one gentlemen , Lance of a Midwest state, has experienced this situation.  Lance got a call from the daughter of one of his Med Supp policyholders describing exactly what is being discussed.  Lance took the time to carefully interview his client’s daughter, and forwarded the conversation to me.  Lance gave permission that this information could be shared and we are doing so because I think his work is so well done, and so complete, that you will be able to utilize it should such a situation develop for you. Continue reading

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F

The Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F is the most popular Medigap plan available.  The coverage is the most comprehensive of any plan, and it allows you to go to any doctor or hospital in the country that accepts Medicare.

During your Open Enrollment Period there are No Health Questions for any Medigap Plan available in your state.  In guaranteed issue periods, the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F still has no health questions where other plans like a Plan G has health questions during these guaranteed issue periods. Continue reading