Medicare Doctor Fix

The National Association of Health Underwriters recently published an article discussing the SGR (sustainable growth rate) which was a flawed formula that has caused Congress to scramble over the past few years for a Medicare Doctor Fix.   The SGR was created in part of the Balanced Budge Act of 1997 to control the rate of physician’s pay in Medicare.

The cut to doctors pay started as a small percentage decrease which is now over 30% if the cuts were allowed to happen.  Many think that  politicians and lobbyists enjoy having this issue so they can raise money from a plethora of physician groups.  It seems like Congress could get together regarding this Medicare doctor fix and create a solid 25 year solution instead of having an “emergency meeting” every year.

Medicare Doctor Fix

As mentioned above Congress gets together each year to come up with a fix but no long term solutions have been set in to place. Each year that this issue arises doctors tend to discuss pulling out of the Medicare market.  Some do just because they do not want to have to handle all the red tape that comes along with Medicare claims and the low reimbursement rates.

We have heard doctors say they get paid 30% less for Medicare patients and have to do more work with the filing of claims.  Then if something is entered wrong there is a chance of getting audited or having Uncle Sam bring down the hammer.

Why is the Medicare Doctor Fix a big topic?

Currently there are over 10,000 people a day turning 65 and that means over 3 million a year that are reaching Medicare eligibility (not including disability or end-stage renal disease beneficiaries).  The elderly need doctors!  Congress will have to figure something out in the years to come before they quit accepting new and possibly existing Medicare patients.

Medicare Insurance Finders has published this “Medicare Doctor Fix” article to help explain the importance of Congress to step up to the plate and figure out a long term solution to the SGR formula.

Medicare Doctor Fix

Medicare Coverage in a nutshell.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans area available in all 50 states through Medicare Insurance Finders.  We provide online rates with over 25 insurance companies in less than 2 minutes.  Our website is one of the only online sites that actually provides you with supplemental insurance quotes online.

Medicare Supplement Insurance plans help supplement Original Medicare.  This means that they pick up the deductibles and coinsurance that you are probably accustomed to paying.  There are 10 standardized plans as you can see in the chart below, but Plans F, G, and N make up probably 75% of the enrollments.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance Outline of Coverage

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Medicare Supplement Plans 2014

With all the healthcare reform information circling we are getting questions about 2014 Medicare Supplement Plans.  The “Medicare Supplement Plans 2014” will be no different than the plans that have been setup since 2010.

In 2010, the Medicare Modernization Act changed the basic plan designs while adding a few plans and taking away some plans.  However, 2014 Medicare Supplement Plans will carry the same plan design and we believe the rates should stay very close to where they are now as well.  Continue reading

Medigap Plan N

Everyone who has been through the initial planning of Medicare and the analysis of “Which plan is best for me,” has heard about Medigap Plan F.  However, not as many people have been advised on Medigap Plan N – a lower costing, competitive Medicare Supplement Plan.

A Medigap Plan N provides the same benefits as the Medicare Supplement Plan F minus a few small differences:

  • Medicare Part B Deductible ($147 – 2013)
  • $20 office visit co-pay
  • No Excess Charge coverage – this is a 15% fee providers can charge over the Medicare approved amount.  In over 8 years of specializing in the supplemental senior insurance market we have never seen anyone charged with this fee. Continue reading

Stonebridge Life Medicare Supplement

Are you looking for a Stonebridge Life Medicare Supplement Plan?  These Medigap plans are available through Medicare Insurance Finders, but before we explain which states their premiums are competitive in there are some basics you should know about the company.

Stonebridge Life Company Overview

Stonebridge LIfe is an AEGON company.  They employ roughly 29,500 people and have over 40 million customers across the globe.  Stonebridge Life Insurance Company is licensed in all 50 states minus New York, and services 3.7 million people in the US through life, health, accident and dental insurance plans.  They are an A+ rated insurance company through AM Best.

Recently they decided to offer a Stonebridge Life Medicare Supplement.  Since these plans are standardized across the country their benefits will not be reviewed in this article, but it is good to know that they will have competitive rates in certain states.  They also decided to issue an E-app which is available for telelphonic enrollment.  If you need to enroll in a Stonebridge Life Medicare Supplement call 1-877-936-2991.

Stonebridge Life Medicare Supplement

Stonebridge Life Insurance Company

Stonebridge Life Medicare Supplement Rates

Two states in which Stonebridge Life Medicare Supplement Rates will be extremely competitive are Michigan and Florida.  In the state of Florida, their Medicare Supplement Rates are roughly 10% cheaper than United Healthcare and in some cases $100 cheaper or more per month than Mutual of Omaha.

Compare Medigap Plans

The important thing to remember when comparing Medigap plans is that these plans are standardized, so premiums play a very important factor.  Also make sure to choose a carrier that is secure rated with AM Best and has some credibility in the insurance market.

To Compare Stonebridge Medigap Plans go to the Medicare Quote Engine for instant online rates with over 25 insurance companies across the country in less than 2 minutes.  If you would like to speak with someone over the phone call 1-877-936-2991, a senior market advisor can advise you on the different plans available.

Florida Medicare Supplement Plan

If you are wanting to explore and compare Florida Medicare Supplement Plans you have come to the right place.  Medicare Insurance Finders specializes in educating people on their insurance options while providing online rates with over 25 insurance companies across the country.

Find the Best Florida Medicare Supplement Plan

The question to ask is how can you find the best Florida Medicare Supplement Plan available without paying an arm and a leg?  There are several suggestions that can help you find excellent Medigap coverage while choosing a cost effective plan and we will cover those below: Continue reading

Seniors Choice High Deductible Plan F

The Seniors Choice High Deductible “Modified Plan F” is coming in 2014 through Benefits Association.  This plan will be like any other High Deductible Plan F across the country.  In this article we will explain the differences of this plan, explain how to enroll in this plan and will inform insurance agents where to go for contracting purposes.

Seniors Choice High Deductible Plan F

The difference between this “Modified Plan F” and the Traditional High Deductible Plan F are laid out below:

  • This plan has one rate guide that works for 48 states; most plans have to have different rate guides per state.
  • This Seniors Choice Plan has an online application for consumers; most plans do not have applications that are direct to consumer.
  • This “Modified High Deductible Plan F” offered by Benefits Association will have a deductible of $2,000; the 2013 high deductible is $2,110.
  • Like a traditional Medicare Supplement you are allowed to see any doctor that accepts Medicare.
  • There are NO HEALTH QUESTIONS for this plan; most plans have health questions.
  • Average Rate Increase over the last 4 years of less than 3%; Traditional Medicare Supplements average 9% or higher.
Seniors Choice Modified Plan F

High Deductible Plan F

How do i learn more about this seniors choice plan?

You can contact Medicare Insurance Finders at 1-877-936-2991 to learn more about this Modified High Deductible Plan F.  It is not a standardized plan which allows the benefits to be different as well as the application process that can be difficult with some carriers.

Do the benefits differ in any other way?

Yes, there is a $10 co-pay for doctors office visits and a $20 co-pay for outpatient procedures.  However, if you have 2 doctors appointments per month it is only $20 out of pocket plus your premium.  Odds are this plan can save you a lot of money over the course of a year.

At Medicare Insurance Finders (1-877-936-2991) we specialize in helping seniors save money on their insurance premiums.  We have testimonials to prove it!




Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G

Everyone is familiar with the Medicare Supplement Plan F.  So today we wanted to do a comparison of the Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G.  Plan F is the most popular plan in the market while other studies have shown that the Plan G is the most cost effective plan available.  Below are some facts that show why you should consider the Plan G over the Plan F.

Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G Benefits

The only difference in benefits is that the Plan G does not cover the Part B Deductible ($147 in 2013).  Like the Plan F all other services that are Medicare approved are covered.

Why would I not want a Plan F with better benefits?

After reviewing years of comparisons of these Medicare Supplement plans all across the country it is proven that the Plan G will see smaller rate increases than the Plan F.  There are numerous reasons for these rate increase variables that are a little long for this article, but we will be glad to explain these to you over the phone if you would like to talk.

What is the difference in Medicare Supplement Plan F vs. Plan G premium? (Ex: 69 female in Central Mississippi)

There are many different companies that provide insurance rates but our quote engine at will allow you to compare the difference in premiums in minutes.

  • A Rated Carrier – Plan F: $119.37 per month
  • A Rated Carrier – Plan G: $105.12 per month
  • This is a difference of $14.25 per month or $171 per year for a $147 benefit.  Typically this spread will grow over the years due to rate increases which will save you more money in the long haul.

What are the negatives of Plan G?

The only difference of the Plan F vs. Plan G is the Part B Deductible ($147 in 2013).  In our eyes the only negative is paying too much for a Part B deductible; however, you will be responsible for $147 deductible throughout the year if you go to the doctor’s office.  After that deductible is met, it covers 100% like the Plan F.

We recommend comparing the Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G when you become eligible for Medicare so that you do not pay unnecessary premiums.

Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G

Medicare Coverage in a nutshell.

Aetna purchases Coventry Healthcare

This week Aetna one of the countries largest insurance companies purchased Coventry Health Care for approximately 8.7 billion.  Aetna has pushed for more strength in the senior insurance market over the last several years with the purchase of American Continental,  Continental Life, and now Coventry.  This allows the insurance company to continue stretching out its growth in the Medicare market through its different filings in all 50 states.

Aetna is one of the largest insurance companies in the world and over the past few years has decided to make a hard push in the Medicare market.  With over 10,000 people turning 65 each day for the next 20 years it is hard to blame them or think that it is a bad move.  Continue reading

Medigap Changes – Affordable Care Act

Today I was notified of recent reports of Medigap Changes that are trying to get pushed through with the Affordable Care Act (OBAMA-CARE).  The major change that is trying to get pushed through is “add cost-sharing to Medigap plans.”  We have mentioned this in several other articles but will re-describe what new changes have risen.

The reason the Medigap changes are being discussed for policies like the “Medigap Plan F” is because there is no cost sharing on these plans.  Many believe this causes over utilization by beneficiaries; however they do not consider the unintended impacts this has on beneficiaries.

Medigap Changes – Cost Sharing Implementation

This has not been passed yet but below are some of the effects this could have on Medicare beneficiaries.

  1. This is believed to cause a Medicare Beneficiary to avoid going to the hospital/doctors office for care.  Which could possibly worsen their health in the long haul. 
  2. Medigap Plan F premiums would shoot through the roof if this cost sharing was eliminated on new plans.  Why? That is because there would be no new beneficiaries coming onto the plan so the only people left on these plans would be individuals with health issues that could not change.

 Is there anything else being discussed as possible changes for Medigap policies?

  1. Benefit redesigns that would redistribute cost burdens (This already happened with the Medicare Modernization Act of 2010)
  2. Prohibiting or taxing Medigap “First Dollar Coverage” (mentioned above)
  3. Raising Medicare age
  4. Other things as well that are a little too complicated to review in a short article.

We recommend choosing a Plan G Medicare Supplement  which can avoid possible Medigap Changes.  This plan will also prevent higher rate increases which can come from Guaranteed Issue supplemental plans. You should call 1-877-936-2991 today to get a cost comparison completed of the Plan F and Plan G policies.

Medigap Changes Plan F

Possible Medigap Changes to the Plan F – Thanks to the Affordable Care Act