Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement

Manhattan Life is now offering Medicare Supplements!  They are based out of Houston, TX and are parent company of “Family Life Insurance Company.”  Now you can expect to see Manhattan Life Medicare Supplements offered through the same channels it was promoted several years ago.

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement

Manhattan Life Insurance Company now offers Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplements are expected to have very competitive rates when they hit the market.  They should also have an online enrollment which will make this a great product for agents looking to market the plan by phone.  I say this because plans that are easy for insurance agents to market usually get very good attention.

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement insurance is also known as Medigap insurance.  These plans are offered by insurance companies all across the country.    These insurance companies are rated by “AM BEST” which is the #1 rating agency in the country.  They have given Manhattan Life a rating of “B+”.  This means that they are a secure company and have a positive outlook.  Companies that have ratings of less than a B+ we do not recommend to our clients.

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Rates

When new carriers enter the senior market we are commonly asked about our predictions.  When asked what do we expect out of Manhattan Life, we predict several things:

  1. Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Rates will start off very competitive.
  2. They are not hesitant to give rate increases when needed.  We saw this with their sister company Family Life Insurance Company.
  3. They will be a competitive Medicare Supplement company for three years after entering a state.

If you need help reviewing Medicare Supplement Plans contact Medicare Insurance Finders at 1-877-936-2991.  Thank you for trusting us with your business and if you would like to view all Medicare plans in your zip code check out our quote engine which compares plans in less than 2 minutes.


Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Insurance is secondary insurance to Original Medicare. These plans are sold by private insurance companies to fill in the gaps of Original Medicare that you are required to pay.  These plans are regulated federally but can also have state regulations that govern how insurance companies can sell the plan in their state. An example would be the state of Texas not allowing Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance to price their plans by “Gender”.  This means a male and female pay the same rate.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Benefits

  1. Guaranteed Renewable – the insurance companies can not drop your policy.  These plans will be there as long as you pay your premium.
  2. Standardized – benefits are the same between companies so it makes Medicare Supplement comparison much easier than a traditional health insurance policy.
  3. Electronic Claims – you do not have to file claims, they are filed electronically.
  4. Open Enrollment Period – the open enrollment period for Medigap plans allows you to join a policy with no health questions for 6 months.  This is a huge benefit for someone with health problems.

Medicare Supplement Rates

If you have realized that Medicare Supplement plans are standardized you probably realize that they only difference between plans is their rate and financial stability!  Comparing rates is important because there is no need to pay more than necessary for the policy.

In Mississippi, the lowest plan F is about $105 per month and the highest plan F is about $180 per month.  There is no difference in benefits yet there is a $75 per month or $900 per year difference.  Make sure you compare plans before signing up.  To compare plans online go to out MEDICARE QUOTE ENGINE!  To speak with someone on the phone call 1-877-936-2991!

Medicare Supplement Outline of Coverage

Medicare Supplement Outline of Coverage

For more information on Medicare Supplement insurance contact our accredited advisors at 1-877-936-2991.

Compare Part D Plans

As of October 1, 2013, it will be time to compare Part D Plans for for the following year. This means that it is time to review Part D plans whether you are taking 1 prescription or 20 prescriptions.  Plans change each year, this includes the formulary, co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, pharmacies in the network, and the monthly plan premium. With this many factors changing each year it is wise to compare Part D plans.

Compare Part D Plans

Its Time To Compare Part D Plans! October 15 – December 7.

What are the biggest benefits to comparing Medicare prescription drug plans each year?

  1. When you compare Part D plans you can save your self hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars each year.
  2. If you do not perform a risk free analysis you may find out that the plan you currently have is doubling in premiums and they have decided not to cover the prescription you are currently using!
  3. When you review your options it verifies that you know how your plan will work for the following year.  If a drug is not covered you will know.

Compare Part D Plans

There are a lot of insurance companies that offer Part D plans.  The two largest Part D plans are Humana and United Healthcare (AARP).  These carriers offer plans across the country in almost every state.  They usually have very competitive plans and are usually in the Medicare Advantage market as well.

Humana has seen most of their company’s growth in the Medicare market.  United Healthcare has also experienced large growth in this marketplace.

For help in comparing your Medicare Part D plans please contact MWG Senior Services at 1-877-936-2991.  Our staff is certified (AHIP Certification as well as carrier certified) and ready to help you with your Medicare Part D choices.  We also specialize in comparing Medicare Supplement Plans which can also save you hundreds with less than 2 minutes of your time.