Retiree Delta Dental Insurance

Medicare Insurance Finders is located in Jackson, MS and is in the same office as Dental for Everyone.  Dental4Everyone is an organization that enrolls over 2,000 people per month in individual dental plans.  Since dental plans are gaining traction in the 65+ market we decided to write an article on retiree delta dental insurance.

Delta Dental is the largest dental insurance provider in the country.  They primarily write group dental policies, bu they will offer senior dental plans through organizations such as: Benefits Association, AARP, and TriCare.   These three groups have access to write individual policies on a group basis through their associations.  So if you are an individual looking to purchase retiree delta dental insurance you need to click here for dental insurance rates.

Retiree Delta Dental Plans

The plans listed on Dental for Everyone will not limit age which allows seniors to enroll in these plans.  One of the largest groups of people looking for dental insurance plans are retirees.  People retiring have been used to having dental insurance for years and most people have had a Delta Dental plan because they are the largest dental insurance providers.

As you are probably assuming it is very common for the majority of people to flock to a retiree Delta Dental policy upon retirement because of the familiarity with the company and their dentists.

How Do I get Delta Dental Rates

You can get rates by clicking “DELTA DENTAL RATES“.  All you need to do for plan rates and information is enter your zip code and you will be given numerous carriers that provide dental insurance plans in your zip code.  Upon choosing a few plans that you like you can find out plan details such as rates, coverage specifics, dentists in network, and other factors that you should consider when purchasing a plan.

Retiree Delta Dental

Benefits Association –                       Retiree Delta Dental Plans



Dental Insurance Rates

If you have retired or nearing retirement you may be wondering what you need to do about purchasing dental insurance.  Since Medicare does not cover dental care and odds are you have had dental coverage through your employer you will likely want to compare dental insurance rates with numerous companies in your area.

If you want to learn more about Dental Insurance Plans continue reading.  However, if you are here just to compare dental insurance rates click here.  Dental Insurance Plans come in all shapes and sizes as you may be aware.  There are plans that cover everything, others that only cover basic procedures, and even some “discount dental plans” which will help lower fees at participating doctors.

Dental Insurance Rates

Dental Insurance Rates will vary based on numerous factors: company name, administration costs, network costs, benefits in the plan, and other smaller factors.  The main cost of dental insurance comes down to the benefits.

Most Senior Dental Insurance does not cover major services like orthodontia or other procedures that are not necessary this lowers the rates tremendously.  If you look at an example plan called the Senior Choice Plan – it combines dental and vision insurance and covers all the basics like checkups and x-rays but does not cover major services.

You may be thinking well why would it not cover major services?  There is no need to pay for something you will not use and that is just going to add additional costs to the premium.   Statistics show that people will spend roughly $30 per month for a dental insurance policy, but any dental insurance rates over $50 are not commonly purchased (unless for family purposes).

If you would rather speak with someone on the phone about Dental Insurance compared to looking online please call 1-800-800-1397 option 6.

Dental Insurance Rates

Offering Supplemental Medicare plans – Medigap and Dental Insurance

Senior Dental Insurance

If you are looking for senior dental insurance we have a way to compare plans in all 50 states in a matter of minutes.  We offer carriers such as Delta Dental, Standard Life, Madison Dental, AmFirst Insurance, Monitor Life Insurance, and other insurance companies specializing in senior insurance. Click Here to Compare Dental Rates.

Most of these plans are offered through Benefits Association, Inc., a non-profit Mississippi corporation, that offers its members the ability to enroll in an online senior dental insurance  plan.  The dental plans range from low premium plans (lower benefits as well) to higher premium plans (greater benefits).  Premiums can range from $15 a month to roughly $70 per month just depending on what you are looking for. Continue reading