Medicare Supplement FMO

Morgan-White Group has been a leader in the insurance industry for over 25 years.  With niche products such as online dental & vision plans and the AmFirst Insurance Company and Standard Life Premium Saver plans many brokers across the country have become familiar with the Morgan-White Group name.   Now MWG has decided to move into the Medicare market as a Medicare Supplement FMO.

What makes Morgan-White Group a better Medicare Supplement FMO than other agencies in the market?

  • Free Medicare Supplement Quote Engine for Agents
  • Free Dental/Vision Quote Engine for Agents
  • Free Life Insurance Quote Engine for Agents
  • Over 25 Medicare Supplement Companies to choose from
  • Website Quoters for your website
  • Medigap Quotes in under 2 minutes anywhere in the country
  • 25 Years of Experience in the Insurance Industry
  • Top 30 Fastest Growing Insurance Agencies in the country Continue reading