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This page will show you how to compare Medicare Supplement insurance and will breakdown the differences of the different Medigap plans.  If you are looking for Medigap Quotes we also provide those through the Online Medigap Quotes page.  This page is really to breakdown the layout of the plans and why comparing Medicare Supplement plans is very cost effective.

Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance – Plan Design

MedSuppComparisonThese are the 10 Medicare Supplement plans that are available after the 2010 Medicare Modernization Act.  These Medigap plans offer the same benefits between Medigap Insurance Companies.  In other words, an AARP Medicare Supplement provides the same coverage as a Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement.  The difference comes down to the cost and financial stability of the insurance company.

You will notice that the Plan F seems to provide the most comprehensive coverage amoung Medicare Supplement Plans, it will usually be the most expensive plan as well.  However, in some states like Mississippi a Plan F Medicare Supplement only costs around $100 per month for someone turning 65.  To pay $100 per month is not a bad deal to have 100% coverage on your hospital and medical coverage.

 Medigap Plans – Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance

We have mentioned the Plan F and the wonderful coverage it provides but another plan that provides great coverage is the Plan G.  This plan provides all the same coverage minus the Part B Deductible of $183 (2018).  However, the premium will usually be $200 less a year if not more; some places in Texas will pay $500 per year for this $183 benefit.

I hope that was not too confusing.  In a nutshell, if you are comparing Medicare Supplement Insurance know that the Plan F provides excellent coverage but there are other plans that provide great coverage as well with less premiums and more cost sharing.

Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

The question we get all the time is who is the best Medicare Supplement Insurance Company in the market?  The answer would be it changes all the time.  We provide medicare supplement quotes with over 22 insurance companies because in different states and at different times of the year some insurance companies will be better than others.  Some carriers like American Continental will give rate DECREASE of 15% in some states, while other carriers like Family Life Insurance may give a 30% rate INCREASE.

Medicare Supplements are great plans and provide excellent coverage.  The most important thing is making sure you do not pay to much for your Medicare Supplement Premiums.  Get a quote now, Click Here! 

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    • If you are under 65 due to disability (in most states) Medicare Supplement Rates will usually be higher. Some states do not offer all Medicare Supplement plans under 65 as well. As for Medicare itself, the premiums for Part B or D will not be higher.

      Hope this helps. Thanks.

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