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Arizona Medicare Supplement Insurance is a standardized insurance product that is regulated by the federal government but managed by the Arizona Department of Insurance.  There are 10 Medicare Supplement Plans available; however, the most popular plans are the Plan F and Plan G.  To learn more about Medicare Supplement Insurance read below, but if you just want Arizona Medicare Supplement Rates Click Here. Continue reading

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Today we have some insurance news that will pertain to most people reaching retirement, as well as information for Mississippi residents.  Medicare Insurance Finders provides up to date information pertaining to Medicare, top insurance stories, new product offerings and state specific Medigap laws.

Insurance News: Raising Medicare Age

Announced yesterday from the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, President Obama opposes raising the Medicare age which he was previously willing to consider.  He now has said that this is not the right policy action to take.  These talks came about because of budget talks and the spending cuts that need to be made to balance our budget.

Social Security had it eligibility age raised several years ago to help with the short coming of the program.  This has been believed by many to be an option to help with the Medicare deficits that keep growing year after year.  There is not an easy fix for the Medicare budget but it is clear to everyone that with over 10,000 people per day turning 65 for the next 19 years that something must be done.

“However, the longer decisions are postponed the more drastic of a change will have to occur to solve the budget problem within the Medicare system,” stated by Ryan Eaton.

Insurance News: MS Health Exchange Rejected by HHS

Also in the insurance news released this week is that the MS Healthcare exchange was rejected by HHS (Health and Human Services).  In a nutshell, several governors of Republican states have rejected to the healthcare exchange because of the costs it will impose on the states to create an exchange or give over control to a federal exchange.

To have a state-based exchange you would have to have systems in place that communicate with other state agencies under the requirements of the state-based marketplace under the act.  With the disagreements among state officials this was not able to happen.

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