Top 10 Medicare Supplement Companies

Do you ever wonder which Medicare Supplements are available in your area and how they work? First, it is important to know, you must have Medicare Part A and Part B to receive a Medicare Supplement.  All Medicare supplements are standardized and any plan is guaranteed renewable, even if you have health issues. The carrier cannot cancel your plan as long as you are paying the monthly premium.  Although every carrier offers the same plans, the rates are different based on age, gender, tobacco usage, location and sometimes health conditions.

Each carrier does implement rate increases each year for every plan. You will receive a letter from the carrier annually, 30 days prior to let you know you are receiving an increase. The average annual rate increase is roughly between 6-10%.

Each carrier has several different plans, such as A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, N.  All plans offer the same benefits, but in some cases, additional benefits are offered.  You have the flexibility to choose which plan best meets your needs. 

MWG Senior Services selects the Top 10 Medicare Supplement companies based on their rating and their annual historical rate increases.   

Top 10 Medicare Supplement Companies:

1.            American Continental
2.            American Retirement
3.            Philadelphia American
4.            New Era
5.            Combined
6.            Mutual of Omaha
7.            Central States
8.            Aetna
9.            Gerber life
10.         American National


MWG Senior Services represents all of the Top 10 Medicare Supplement companies listed above and more. To see how their rates rank in your area, click here.  Please keep in mind that Medicare Supplements does NOT cover long-term care, vision or dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, or private- duty nursing.  However, Medicare Supplements will cover the 20% that original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Some Medicare Supplement policies also offer coverage for services that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, like medical care you may need when you travel outside of the U.S. Please keep in mind that Medicare Supplement plans are DIFFERENT from a Medicare Advantage plan. 

If you have any questions, please call MWG Senior Services at (877) 759-5760 or email us at  Our knowledgeable and experienced representatives are ready to help guide you through the Medicare maze.

Health Insurance – What it doesn’t cover?

Lets start by being pretty straight forward – we should have commons sense to understand that some things will not be covered by our health insurance plans.  For instance cosmetic surgery that is not due to an injury or accident will not be covered by an insurance policy.  First of all it is not medically necessary and second insurance premiums would be through the roof if it covered procedures that were just whenever someone wanted to use it.

Health Insurance – What’s Not Covered?

Below are list of things that are not covered by a health insurance policy.  Some policies may have riders (additional coverage) that provide protection; however, the basic policy does not cover these items.

  1. Long-Term Care – this is custodial care and is not deemed skilled care by Medicare or other insurance policies.
  2. Cosmetic Surgery – cosmetic surgery will usually be covered if a major accident or injury occurs that causes damage; however, basic cosmetic surgery is not covered.
  3. Erectile Dysfunction – this is not covered by Medicare Part D.  Many times during the Annual Election Period senior men are surprised to find this is not covered, because unlike Medicare they see this as medically necessary.
  4. Dental and Vision Coverage – this will be covered under a separate policy.  If you are in need of dental/vision coverage I would recommend going to Dental4Everyone to compare plans in your zip code.
  5. Weight Loss Surgery – most of the time this procedure will not be covered.  A recent article by Insurance News states that 90% of health insurance policies do not cover this.
Health Insurance Specialists

Medicare Insurance Finders helping you with your insurance needs.

If you are looking for supplemental health insurance contact MWG SENIOR SERVICES at 800-800-1397 option 6!  We have tools available that will allow us to find plans available in 47 states in less than 2 minutes.  Your health insurance is in safe hands with MWG.

Low Medigap Rates

If you are looking for low Medigap rates we can help you find the best rates possible in less than two minutes.  If you just want the meat an potatoes go to our Medicare Quote Engine, but if you want a little more information on how to find the lowest Medicare Supplement Rates available keep on reading.

Medicare Insurance Finders prides itself in finding the best Medicare Supplement Rates for its clients.  We have built a quote engine that quotes all over the country with over 30 Medicare Supplement insurance companies.  That is correct, we quote with all the companies not just one company.

You have choices and you can choose the best plan for your needs! Continue reading

Critical Illness Insurance

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage for specific critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, or other health issues specified in the policy.  These policies will typically pay benefits in a lump sum; however, there are insurance companies that pay for specific procedures associated with a critical illness.  Continue reading

Gerber Medicare Supplement

Gerber Medicare Supplement Insurance is offered in many states across the country.  In order to find out if they are offering plans in your state you can click on Medicare Supplement Rates and you will be directed to our Medicare Quote Engine.

Gerber Insurance Company has been around for over 100 years.  They are a prominent name in the insurance industry and are a household name because of the baby products they have offered for years.  Most everyone who reads this article will not only know who the insurance company is but will probably have also eaten their baby food as well as fed their children Gerber Baby Food.

It was a very good idea for this company to begin offering Gerber Medicare Supplements.  They are trustworthy, well known and are a household name that is easy to relate with.  Medigap Insurance is a standardized product so it is not like they are offering plans that have better or worse benefits than other carriers.  They never have to worry about being the “lesser of two companies”.


Gerber Medicare Supplement plans must follow the same state and federal laws that other Medicare Supplement companies have to follow.  An easy to outline of coverage is laid out below:

Gerber Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Insurance Outline of Coverage

Medicare Supplement RATES

Gerber Medicare Supplement Rates are not as competitive as they were several years ago when they hit the market.  They still provide excellent customer service and guaranteed renewable benefits; however, if you are looking to pay the least for your Medicare Supplement Insurance our advisors can help you compare plans.

Call 1-877-936-2991 to compare Medicare Supplement Plans today.  Our advisers have years of experience in the senior market and our company has been in business for over 25 years.  We are here to help provide you with excellent benefits.

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Insurance

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Insurance is the plan of choice for retirees in North Dakota.  Some states like Florida and Hawaii have a high percentage of their Medicare eligible seniors enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, but not North Dakota with a strong 51% enrolled in a Medigap Policy.

Like all states, North Dakota Medicare Supplement Insurance is standardized and provides benefits that are regulated with Federal laws that describe what the basic benefits must cover.   States will then and go regulate how insurance companies market these plans in their specific states.  Review the Medigap State Laws article by Medicare Insurance Finders for more information on this.

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Insurance

What do these plans look like

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance Outline of Coverage

North Dakota Insurance companies – Offering Medigap Plans

There are numerous companies that offer medicare supplement insurance in North Dakota.  There are large insurance companies like: Mutual of Omaha, AARP/United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, American Continental, Continental Life and other companies that offer insurance plans all across the country.

Something to remember is that insurance companies come and go.  They do not necessarily leave but they may quit marketing their plan or writing new business.  This makes the average consumer believe that they are no longer in business; however, they have just quit promoting their product because of price points or loss ratios.

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Rates

How do I get medicare supplement quotes?

The best way to get Medicare Supplement quotes is through Medicare Insurance Finders.  Rates are provided in less than 2 minutes with over 25 insurance companies.  Also your information is not sold to insurance agents who are trying to sell you an insurance policy.

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Insurance is available through Medicare Insurance Finders.  You can contact us at 1-877-936-2991 for more help with your insurance needs.


Bermuda National Healthcare

This week I was in Miami and listened to several men speak who owned insurance agencies, insurance companies and even handled re-insurance with Lloyds of London from Bermuda.  These men began explaining how Bermuda had implemented national healthcare for their 60,000 residents roughly 40 years ago.  They said that it originally looked like what is happening in the United States with the Affordable Care Act.

Affordable Care Act

In a nutshell, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had pieces go into effect prior to 2014 but the main dish is coming in less than 12 months.  In 2014, enrollments for group health insurance plans will be done through an exchange and individuals will be allowed to enroll for individual coverage through these exchanges as well.

The ACA will require insurance plans to cover base benefits, no cap or maximum on coverage benefits, no health questions, and many other things.  Some of these things where not in effect with traditional health insurance plans or plans as we know it and these changes are expected to cause health insurance premiums to rise.  Some newspapers have reported increases by as much as 200%, while I think that is a little high 30% is definitely reasonable.

Bermuda National Healthcare

Back to the point of this article, the gentlemen from Bermuda filled us in on what happen in their country when national healthcare was imposed.  They said it was a rough 5 years being implemented.  Rate increases, hospitals had problems getting reimbursed and many other things of this nature.  Forty years later he mentioned that they just about have the kinks worked out.

There plan is similar to Medicare.  They have base coverage and then need a supplemental insurance plan to cover the deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays that they experience.  The base plans have no health questions, no pre-existing conditions and other features that make this coverage very similar  They also have plans that are rich in benefits similar to the Plan F Medicare Supplement.

Bermuda Medical Facts

Bermuda actually has been recorded as having the second highest healthcare costs in the world.  There plan also does not cover foreigners visiting the country.  Individuals are required to purchase health insurance to cover their own expenses and must be aware if their coverage offers benefits outside their country of residence.


Medicare Supplement Quotes

Have you ever been to a website where the promised online Medicare Supplement Quotes but only showed you a screen that says “An agent will call you shortly with your quote”.  Kind of deceiving don’t you think!  Well, Medicare Insurance Finders provides you with online health insurance rates in just about every state across the country.  The quotes displayed are only for those 65 or older so if you do not meet this criteria, I am sorry that we can not help.

However, if you are looking for the most competitive Medicare Supplement Quotes we will provide you with online rates with over 25 insurance companies.   Companies like: Mutual of Omaha, Cigna Insurance Company, AARP/United Healthcare, Aflac, American Continental, New Era, Philadelphia American, Gerber Life and many more.

Yes, these are online quotes that are available in minutes through our Medicare Quote Engine.  If you would like to view these Medicare Supplement Quotes without reading the remainder of the article click here!

Here is a sample of how the Medicare Supplement Rates appear:

Medicare Supplement Quotes

Compare Medicare Rates – Medicare Insurance Finders
Save Hundreds on your Supplemental Insurance


There are several factors that are important to understand when comparing rates between insurance companies.

  1. Standardized coverage – each company has to offer the same benefits.  This means that a Mutual of Omaha Plan F provides the same coverage as the Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F.  Price is a very important factor and should be compared between Medicare companies.
  2. Financial Ratings – choose a carrier with a B+ or higher financial rating with AM Best, a world-wide rating agency that monitors insurance company financials.  The rating is important because you want to have a company that will be financially stable.
  3. Loss Ratios – sometimes choosing the lowest price carrier can get you in trouble.  There are certain carriers that enter a marketplace with a policy that is 15% cheaper than any other policy available.  They are destined for high rate increases.

Medicare Insurance Finders offers solid advice to their clients and those seeking help in finding the right Medicare plan..  Our organization provides Medicare Advice all over the country and offers a “Welcome to Medicare” presentation to help people understand the basics of Medicare.  We can be reached at 1-800-800-1397.

When comparing Medicare Supplement Quotes know that if you are in an “ATTAINED AGE STATE” your premiums will typically be going up each year on your birthday.  Also Medicare Supplement premiums have an 8% average rate increase per year so do not be surprised to see these types of increases.

New to Medicare

If you are new to Medicare and want to learn more about how Medicare works and what type of coverage you have this will be a good article for you.  The Medicare Insurance Finders website will provide you with up to date information about Medicare Premiums, Coverage and other information that is relative to your insurance needs.  Also provided is Online Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates that will insure you do not pay more than necessary for supplemental insurance.

New To Medicare

For those new to Medicare we have more information on our website that deals with the basics of Medicare Parts A – D.  Since we try to keep these posts under 400 words it is hard to fit everything on one page, so click here if you would like to learn more after reading the article.

Original Medicare

The original parts of Medicare are Part A and B.  Original Medicare covers your hospitalization and medical coverage.  Part A is free for most people but Part B comes with a premium (which goes up for high income individuals).  A majority of people choose to keep their Original Medicare and supplement this coverage with a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy.

This original Medicare coverage has deductibles, coinsurance, and co-pays which most people do not want to pay out of pocket.  Especially in catastrophic cases where there are extremely large payments (20% of a $50,000 hospital stay).  Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates depend on different factors such as date of birth, zip code, tobacco usage, and gender.  However, each state is different on how it regulates insurance companies.  We highly recommend purchasing a supplement policy to fill in the gaps of Original Medicare.

New to Medicare

Medicare Supplement Insurance Premiums by Medicare Insurance Finders

Medicare Parts C & D

There is also Medicare Part D which is a must.  If you do not enroll in these plans when you are new to Medicare (unless you have creditble coverage) you will receive a penalty of 1% per month that you are not enrolled in a drug plan.  These plans vary by price and coverage so make sure to speak with someone who can compare all the plans in your area before enrolling.  Medicare Insurance Finders can assist with this process.

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans) is run by private insurance companies.  These plans actually take over the administration of your Medicare.  It does not kick you out of Medicare as I hear many people say, but it does stop Medicare from making payments to your providers.  Make sure your provider accepts the plan you are wanting to enroll in prior to enrollment.  You are not allowed to have a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare Supplement plan at the same time.

Who do I Contact?

If you are new to Medicare and wondering who to contact, you can always call 1-800 Medicare.  Sometimes it may be hard to get through so if you need help with bed side manners contact Medicare Insurance Finders at 800-800-1397 or visit us on the web at

Medicare Insurance

If you are coming up on retirement or the big 65 you probably have questions about Medicare Insurance. In this article and throughout our website we explain the basics of Medicare and what you need/want to know about the coverage and premiums associated with this health insurance.

If you read this article and visit our website and still have specific questions about Medicare insurance give us a call or reply to the post in which you have questions.  We will do our best to give you the information.  If you are  just in need of Medicare Supplement insurance click here for a free quote in under 2 minutes with over 25 Medigap Insurance Companies. Continue reading