Medicare Insurance Finders 2013 – 2nd Quarter Newsletter

Medicare Insurance Finders 2013 – 2nd Quarter Newsletter

With the first quarter, and a big Medicare decision behind us, we wanted to inform you of what decisions were made by Congress over the past month.


In summary, last month Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C) were notified that they will receive an additional 2.3% cut in subsidies.  This means that billions of dollars will be pulled from these plans in 2014.  America’s Health Insurance Plans Association (AHIP) said this could cause MA plans to increase plan premiums to an average of $50- $90 per month or drastically reduce benefits.  Considering that most Medicare Advantage plans are $0 premium or less than $30 a month, this would take away the incentive to enroll in these plans.

However, yesterday, after much push back from Congress, insurance companies, and the millions of Americans enrolled in these plans, the decision has been made to do away with these cuts and actually increase the Medicare Advantage reimbursement rates.  This will insure that 2014 plans will not experience drastic benefit cuts or premium increases.


As most of you know, Medicare Supplements are standardized products.  The largest difference between these plans is the premiums which can be compared at

Several new insurance companies have entered the market over the first quarter of 2013: Cigna Insurance Company and Aflac Insurance Company.  Both of these companies are on the Medicare Supplement Quote Engine – provided by Medicare Insurance Finders.  Other articles throughout our websites have information pertaining to these companies but we wanted to include it in the Medicare Insurance Finders 2013 – 2nd Quarter Newsletter.


In an effort to provide better service to our clients, we have implemented several changes at our office.

  1. New Phone Number (1-877-936-2991) – Our office has established a new phone number to better handle the calls we are receiving.  If you call our old number you will still reach us; however, due to hundreds of calls a day, we have installed a phone tree to better handle your calls.  The phone number for your advisor is still in place, but this phone number can be used for service, to speak to your advisor, or for general questions.
  2. Medicare Insurance Finders Blog – Each day we try to post an article about Medicare.  Some days, like this week, we have been able to put updated news dealing with Medicare and the changes that are taking place.  Other times, we post articles like How to Lower Your Premiums, Insurance by Personality Types, and many other articles that are helpful.  To view our blog, visit:


Medicare Insurance Finders 2013 - 2nd Quarter Newsletter

Providing advice on Medicare Supplements for individuals and businesses.

Insurance Customer Service

Medicare Insurance Finders and MWG Senior Services work very hard to provide excellent customer service.  We realize that dealing with insurance customer service is not usually considered a joyous thing, but we try to take your request to the next level and answer your questions in one phone call.

Insurance Customer Service – Excellent Customer Service

The first step to providing exceptional customer service is to listening to our clients needs.  Most of the time people assume or think they know what is best for others.  However, if we will just listen, people will tell us what they want.  Listening to the clients needs helps the insurance advisor know which insurance plans the individual is interested in

The second step to providing excellent customer service is to  “answer phone calls!”  Answering phone calls is very important in providing Medicare Insurance Customer Service.

“Waiting on hold or going straight to voice mail is the last thing a client wants to do.  Medicare Insurance Finders has implemented a phone system to where it rings everyone in the division in case an advisor is on the other line” – Ryan Eaton, Certified Senior Advisor

Most insurance products spend the majority of their “service time” dealing with insurance claims.  However, Medicare Supplement Plans have less claims issues than any other product in the health insurance industry since just about everything is covered (Plan F and Plan G after Part B Deductible).   This makes claims customer service simplified.

Another step to insurance customer service is do not make promises you can not keep.  It is very important to explain the benefits of an insurance policy, but it is completely unacceptable to lie about your plan’s benefits.

Morgan-White Group implemented a training facility on campus a few years ago to make sure that we were training everyone on the products and services we offer.  This training facility has provided employees with thousands of hours of class room training on our products, systems, and telephone manners that are invaluable.

Call MWG Senior Services today if you are interested in Medicare Insurance products – 1-877-936-2991.


Insurance Customer Service

Providing advice on Medicare Supplements for individuals with health issues

Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates

Equitable is now introducing a Medicare Supplement product.  Equitable is expected to gain a lot of ground in the Medicare market through the course of 2013 and 2014. Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates are expected to be some of the most competitive Medigap rates in the market. They are large insurance company and expand across a good portion of the United States.  They are also a secure rated company with AM Best which makes them a company we recommend for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Right now we see the Equitable having very low Medicare Supplement Rates in Mississippi, Texas, and many other states across the country.

Equitable Insurance Company

Equitable was founded in 1931, during the Great Depression, when America was looking for any ray of hope they could find.  Now, 80+ years later Equitable Life and Casualty is the second oldest and one of the largest insurance companies in Utah.  Wanting to expand its market they have now decided to offer Medicare Supplements on a national basis.  We see their rates are competitive and they have entered the market with a plan to succeed.

Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates

Equitable has decided to enter the Medicare market and should be releasing their Medigap plans in March of 2013. They will be releasing an online application that does not require a wet signature. Equitable will also have telephonic phone applications which will speed up the application process.

Medicare Insurance Finders will be representing Equitable since the are a financially secure company with competitive rates throughout the United States. If you would like to purchase an Equitable Medicare Supplement Plan or receive rates on their plans please contact 1-800-800-1397 option 6. 

Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates – MEDICARE QUOTE ENGINE

Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates

Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates – Insurance Rates available through Medicare Insurance Finders

MWG Senior Services – Medicare Insurance Finders

Medicare Insurance Finders, a part of MWG Senior Services, was recently recognized in a press release on 11/28/2012.  We wanted to make this available to our followers and those that receive Medicare Supplemental information through our website.

The basics of the article discusses the new Medicare Supplement Quote Engine maintained and run by MWG Senior Services and Medicare Insurance Finders.  This quote engine is available to consumers and insurance agents all across the United States.


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Part D – Annual Review Time

Today marks the first day that certified agents can begin helping their clients look up the most cost efficient Part D plan for 2013. There are many different plans in each state and each plan will vary by formulary, step therapy requirements, premium and several other factors. Agents are not allowed to enroll their clients in a in a prescription drug plan until October 15th – the first day of the annual election period; however, you can begin reviewing your options today.

If you need help with your drug plan MWG Senior Services and Medicare Insurance Finders can help you analyze your Part D options for the plan year 2013. Call 1-800-800-1397 option 6 or go to the Medicare Insurance Finders page about Part D to learn more about the different factors to consider and understand before choosing a Part D plan.

MWG Senior Services represents the following insurance companies, which all 4 have roughly 2-3 plans per state and the coverage’s plan design is different by state as well.

  1. AARP Plans
  2. Humana Plans
  3. Silverscript Plans
  4. Aetna Plans

An important thing to remember with prescription drug coverage is that you can spend a lot of money that does not need to get spent in a hurry by choosing the wrong insurance plan.  An example of this is when a client called in with her drug list (16 drugs) and asked us to look them up for her and find out which plan would be most cost efficient for 2013.

After reviewing her drug lists the lowest annual out of pocket plan would cost her $4,000 for the year (Premium, Deductible, Co-Pays, Etc) but the most expensive plan would have cost her over $10,000 for the year.  The premium was only a $10 -$15 difference per month, but the drugs formulary was completely different which made some drugs “non-qualified” under on of the plans.

Use a qualified senior advisors and call MWG Senior Services today.