Medicare Part D Analysis

Do you know how to complete a Medicare Part D analysis?  An even better question is: does your Medicare Supplement agent help you compare Part D plans each year?  If not you need to call Medicare Insurance Finders who will compare Medicare Part D plans each Annual Election Period (October 15th – December 7th) to make sure you have the most cost effective plan for your needs.

Medicare Part D Analysis – How does it work?

To compare Medicare Part D plans several things need to take place.  Below we have them listed in the preferred order to make sure all grounds are covered. Continue reading

2013 Medigap Plans

Are you wondering what the 2013 Medigap Plans look like?  The good news is they are standardized so comparing these Medicare Supplement Plans is not difficult.   See below for the different plans that are available.

2013 Medigap Plans

Standardized 2013 Medigap Plans

Medigap Plans provide coverage for the gaps in Original Medicare.  They pay the deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance associated with healthcare expenses for Medicare Beneficiaries.  The plan F is the most popular Medicare plan with other plans being popular as well (Plans C, G, and N).

2013 Medigap Plans

One of the most important things to remember when looking at 2013 Medigap Plans is that Price and Financial Stability are two very important factors to review.

  • Price is probably the most important since these plans are standardized and companies can not vary on benefit structure.
  • Choosing a carrier with a B+ or higher is important because you want to have a carrier with a strong financial capacity.

If you would like to see 2013 Medigap Plans and their Rates Click Here.

What should you know before purchasing a Medigap Policy?

  1. Know what type of coverage you are considering purchasing?
  2. Know what plans are available in your state!
  3. Understand that companies must provide standardized benefits for Medigap plans.
  4. Know that Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplements are not the same thing.
  5. Be aware of fraudulent agents!  There are a lot that will come to your house sit at your kitchen table and explain they work with Medicare.  THEY DO NOT WORK WITH MEDICARE!
  6. Medicare Insurance Finders is the number one source for Medigap Plans and Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans.
  7. Open Enrollment Periods and Guaranteed Issue Periods mean that you have no health questions dealing with your Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plan.

Contact MWG Senior Services/Medicare Insurance Finders for your 2013 Medigap Plan! Our Phone Number is 1-800-800-1397 option 6;                                                   Email: 

Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are looking for the best Medicare supplement plans available in your state you have come to the right website.  Medicare Insurance Finders provides you with ways to learn, compare, and save on your Medicare Supplement plan.  You even can see Medigap plan comparisons in your state within 2 minutes of starting your quote.  If you are interested in finding the right Medicare Supplement Plan, lets go ahead and get started. Continue reading