Enrollment by Medicare Star Rating

This article focuses on the enrollment by Medicare Star Rating as of April 2013.  The chart below shows that over 5,000,000 people have enrolled in the mid-level (3.5 star) plan.  This is the largest category followed by a (4.5) star rating; while the lowest is a two star rated plan.

Enrollment by Medicare Star Rating

Enrollment By Medicare

Enrollment By Medicare Star Ratings

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Medicare Part D Analysis

Do you know how to complete a Medicare Part D analysis?  An even better question is: does your Medicare Supplement agent help you compare Part D plans each year?  If not you need to call Medicare Insurance Finders who will compare Medicare Part D plans each Annual Election Period (October 15th – December 7th) to make sure you have the most cost effective plan for your needs.

Medicare Part D Analysis – How does it work?

To compare Medicare Part D plans several things need to take place.  Below we have them listed in the preferred order to make sure all grounds are covered. Continue reading