Need Medicare Supplement Insurance

If you need Medicare Supplement Insurance and are looking for supplemental plans that fit your budget – LOOOK NO FURTHER.  Medicare Insurance Providers offers you online Medigap Quotes.  We do not sell your information so do not worry about filling out the lead form and having hundreds of agents call you.  Before you get a quote there are a few things you should know about Medigap or Medicare Supplement Insurance.

  1. The first thing to understand is that Medicare Advantage Plans are not the same as Medicare Supplement Plans.  Medicare Advantage Plans take over Original Medicare where Medicare Supplement Insurance fills in the gaps of Medicare.  Medigap plans do not include Part D coverage while a lot of Medicare Advantage Plans do contain prescription drug coverage.
  2. If you need Medicare Supplement Insurance you should compare rates before choosing a plan.  Websites like Medicare Insurance Finders allow you to see up to 25 insurance company’s rates so you can see who offers the best price.  Unlike many things in life price is the most important factor with Medigap plans.  Coverage is standardized so two companies offering Plan F insurance must provide the same basic coverage. (APPLES TO APPLES)
  3. Compare financial stability of the different companies.  As long as you choose a company with B+ or higher rating you should be just fine, but a lot of people like to choose an A rated carrier just to make them feel better – I completely understand.

Need Medicare Supplement Insurance

Most people need Medicare Supplement Insurance quotes and/or advice when one of the following situations takes place:

  • Losing Group Coverage
  • Turning 65
  • Medicare Supplement Rates on current policy increase
  • Losing Medicare Advantage Coverage
  • Moving to a different area
  • Unhappy with current coverage (usually due to price or provider restrictions)

If you are looking for help with your insurance coverage call our office (1-800-800-1397 option 6) for all the advice and guidance you need pertaining to Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Need Medicare Supplement Insurance

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Buy Medigap Insurance

Are you looking to Buy Medigap Insurance?  Medicare says, “The best time to buy Medigap Insurance is during your Open Enrollment Period.”  The Open Enrollment Period for Medigap plans is the first 6 months after you turn 65 and have Medicare Part B.

What is a Medigap Plan?

A Medigap Plan (also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance) is health insurance sold by private insurance companies that fill in the gaps of Medicare.  The Plan F Medicare Supplement is the most popular Medigap Plan.  The Plan F picks up all the deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance that Medicare does not pay.

These plans are often referred to as the “Best Medicare Supplement Plan“.  Seniors who want to buy Medigap insurance typically due so when they want full coverage.  They want to go to any doctor/hospital in the country that accepts Medicare without being told “NO” or “Sorry our clinic is not in the network”.

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