Need Medicare?

If you are transitioning from a group health plan or individual coverage and need Medicare information, we can help.  MWG Senior Services is a part of Morgan-White Group, and advises those 65 and older on how handle the new normal of health insurance.

Most people start trying to learn more about Medicare several months before they retire.  They realize that Medicare is going to be their health insurance plan for years to come so it is important to understand the ends and out.  In this article we will briefly touch on the basics of Medicare. Continue reading

MA NEWS! 2014 Plan Design!

There was MA news released late yesterday afternoon!  Medicare Advantage plans after much push back from congress, Medicare Advantage enrollees  and insurance companies will not be receiving a cut in 2014.   The proposed 2.3% cut has now been removed and an increase was given to the Medicare plans run by private insurance companies. Continue reading

Prevent Medicare Part D Mistakes

With over 30 million drug plans written during the Annual Election Period there are going to be a few mistakes.  Today, we will review some of the ways that you can prevent the Medicare Part D mistakes or issues that arise after submitting an application.

Medicare Insurance Finders has seen numerous problems arise over the years, but the number one reason why Medicare Part D mistakes take place is that people choose the Social Security deduction for their payment option.  Do not choose the Medicare Part D Social Security Deduction unless you want several months of incorrect premium deductions.

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