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Medicare Part A Premiums

What is Medicare Part A?

Medicare Part A, also known as the Hospital Insurance, helps cover medically necessary inpatient care such as hospitals, hospice, and skilled nursing facilities.

How much does Part A cost?

For most people, all that have worked 40 Medicare-covered quarters, Part A is premium-free. For those who have worked less than 40 Medicare-covered quarters, a monthly premium must be paid in order to keep coverage. See chart below for pricing details.

Quarters Worked Monthly Premium
40 or more $0.00
39 or less up to $407.00

Unlike Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D, the premiums are not based on your income. Instead, they are based on the length of time you contributed to Medicare through employment. To find out how much your premium will be for Part B, Part C and Part D, visit the following articles:

Part A Deductible and Coinsurance

Medicare Part A beneficiaries may be subject to a deductible and coinsurance. Part A pays all covered cost except the deductible, which applies during the first 60 days of inpatient care, and the coinsurance, which applies for days 61-150 of inpatient care. See the chart below for the current deductible and coinsurance amounts and also amounts for previous years. This will allow you to see about how much these amounts are increasing each year.

Year Deductible Days 61-90 Days 91-150
2015 $1,260 $315 per day $630 per day
2014 $1,216 $304 per day $608 per day
2013 $1,184 $296 per day $592 per day
2012 $1,156 $289 per day $578 per day
2011 $1,132 $283 per day $566 per day
2010 $1,100 $275 per day $550 per day
2009 $1,068 $267 per day $534 per day
2008 $1,024 $256 per day $512 per day

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