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Guaranteed Issue Medicare Supplement

Medicare Insurance Finders is now offering a GUARANTEED ISSUE supplemental Medicare product that mimics the Plan F Medicare Supplement.  The best part about this plan is that there are no health questions and all pre-existing conditions will be covered immediately on this plan.  

In 2012, there are only a few states that have a guaranteed issue Medicare Supplement available but now this product is available in 48 states (not New York or Florida).  It is so hard to find a health insurance product for over age 65 that is guaranteed issue but not there is a plan that will help cover all those expenses that you normally would have to pay out of pocket.

If you have received rate increases on your Medicare Supplement over the last few years and have been unable to switch due to health conditions, now is your time to see if the benefits of this Group Retiree Medical Plan are right for you.

Plan Design

This is a group retiree medical plan offered through Benefits Association, Inc. (BAI).  This plan works just like a regular Medicare Supplement minus a few copays for the doctor’s office and outpatient services.  BAI has given MWG Senior Services the Administration side of Medicare Insurance Finders the ability to market this product to the general public.

Plan Highlights

  • No Part A or Part B Deductibles
  • No Part A or Part B Co-Insurance
  • No Health Questions
  • Available in 48 States through Benefits Association, Inc.
  • Electronic Claims Filing just like a Medicare Supplement
  • Medicare Providers – No Networks like a Medicare Advantage Plan
  • $10 Co-Pay for Doctor/Specialist Visits/X-rays or Lab Work
  • $10 Co-Pay for Durable Medical Equipment
  • $20 Co-Pay for X-rays or Lab Work in Outpatient Facility
  • $20 Co-Pay for Outpatient Services per Visit
  • $100 Co-Pay for Emergency Room Visit (waived if admitted)

Enrollment Information

  1. Click on the link below to access the online enrollment for this plan. (Before enrolling review the coverage and premium to make sure it is right for you.)
  2. For Enrollment or Plan Design questions please contact :
  3. Effective Dates are for the 1st of the Month Only
CALL 1-877-936-2991 with questions about this Guaranteed Issue Supplemental Medicare Plan or with other questions regarding Medicare Insurance.

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