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Senior Dental Insurance

A great many “seasoned” citizens upon retirement learn that they will not be able to keep many of the same benefits they had always enjoyed as employees.  Of course, Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Prescription Drug Plans become available to help with present and future medical expenses, and individual life insurance policies can be purchased to replace the group term life they lost; but what could the newly-retired senior do about the valuable dental insurance left behind?

For decades the choices of dental insurance for seniors and individual dental insurance in general were few and far between.  The scarce plans that could be found were extremely limited in both benefits and choices of dentists and also charged excessively high monthly premiums.

The breakthrough came when most state insurance departments required that individual dental insurance be offered through associations.  This single change took advantage of the “law of large numbers” that had always helped group plans remain viable.  Today, there are a great many reliable companies offering solid, affordable dental insurance for seniors and individuals of all ages.  Some insurance companies, wisely recognizing the coming surge as the Baby-boomers retire, have even begun specializing in senior dental insurance plans.

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